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b-side Festival 2014

5th14th September 2014

In 2014 Artists explored the island’s heritage, cultural history and local taboos as well as Portland’s special ecology and geology.

A programme of original work sometimes poignant or challenging, sometimes celebratory and frequently witty. The work was displayed on footpaths, in a living room, a library, a cafe, within a prison wall, at bus stops, in a church and more traditionally, in a gallery and theatre.

There was a wealth of events to experience and participate in: including a mass night time bike ride, cabaret, walks, film screenings and a shed-based communal reading experience!

Wonderful to experience the arts outside of London and see the history of this Island being preserved in a novel and fascinating manner

Festival Visitor

Lullaby illuminated bike ride by Luke Jerram at b-side festival 2014

'Our Rock' a short film made by young people from Portland, Dorset working with film maker Peter Snelling for b-side festival 2014.

Project resources

Project events

Emma Riley

Ferrous (2014)

5th September - 09:00am
Fancy's Farm

Emma Riley uses the natural environment as a source for her site-specific work, responding to the landscape in an ecological manner. Texture from

Ellie Harrison & Roshana Rubin Mayhew

What is Left?

5th September - 09:00am
7 Belle Vue Terrace

Since the beginning of the year, Roshana and Ellie have been travelling the country to photograph 50 people in their own homes with an object they

Alex Hartley

Portland Erratics

5th September - 09:00am
Liberty Road

For b-side Alex is presenting a selection of migratory stones and their stories within a bespoke room-sized vitrine built onto existing platforms

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