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Registered Office:

b-side CIC,
77 Fortuneswell, 
Isle of Portland, 
Telephone: 01305 568 044

The b-side team

Sandy Kirkby

Sandy Kirkby: Creative Producer and Marketing Manager

I originally trained as a sculptor. I have worked in the cultural sector in Dorset for over 20 years in galleries, museums and events as a curator and producer. My focus for many years was in gallery education and it’s this interest in communication and engagement that really motivates me.


Amanda Wallwork

Amanda Wallwork: Co-Artistic Director (Environment & Heritage)

I originally trained in graphic design but have had a varied artistic career, from designing gig posters and indie record sleeves, to devising and illustrating children’s picture books. I now combine my own practice as a visual artist with curatorial work. My interests and influences lie in the areas of archaeology and geology and I specialise in heritage and environmental projects. I was artistic director for Sherborne House Arts developing the gallery programme and outreach projects before joining b-side. I enjoy working in a team and the challenge of working with outdoor and non-arts venues, rather than gallery spaces.


Sally Watkins

Sally Watkins: Co-Artistic Director (People and Place)

I trained in site specific performance and later taught as an associate lecturer at Dartington College of Arts before returning to Dorset to work on b-side and my own arts practice. I'm particularly interested in the democracy of places; how and what we share with them as custodians, visitors and hosts. As co-artistic director for b-side I specifically work on social practice projects - supporting artworks created between artists, communities and researchers.


Molly Scarborough

Molly Scarborough: Youth Programme Coordinator

I am a Dorset-based creative producer, project manager and performing artist. I am driven by social change, equality and voicing the unheard voices - 'the others' - who are often overlooked. Through my role at b-side, I am able to work with local young people to create projects and artwork that matters to them - whether that’s a young producer training programme or mentoring young bursary artists creating their own site-specific artworks. We create tailor-made programmes and experiences that support emerging talent and help develop skills.


Image of a woman smiling

Rocca Holly-Nambi: Executive Director

I am fascinated by the mess and potential of human connections. The sparks that fly when two bodies collide in love, the pain when love breaks into disgust. The opportunity for change when people come together to walk the streets, in protest or in pride. The connection of pink fluorescent light to cold grey cement in a sculpture, a text highlighting the clash of queerness and colonization in East Africa, the bringing together of artists across continents through cultural relations. 

I create artworks, write essays, and produce projects dedicated to sparking new conversations between artists and audiences. New conversations ensure we continually explore new ways of being together, living together, as humans.


Board of directors

John Tizard: Chair

Paula Crutchlow: Director

Simon Lee Dicker: Director

Jane Mcgregor: Director

Jo Jackson: Director

Sally Watkins: Director

Amanda Wallwork: Director

Nicole Ferdinand: Director

Gina Bolt: Trainee Director

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