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Since 2008, artists have been coming to Portland to embark on projects which bring a fresh perspective of the island to both tourists and the community. Their work enables us to see the island in new and intriguing ways. Places which we may have overlooked and buildings which have laid dormant, enjoy a new lease of life.

A number of artists have produced artworks that can still be seen around Portland or resources that can help you explore the island in a unique and fascinating way.

Artists are explorers, so who better to show us the town and the landscape anew?

  • David Binder, TED Talk – The Arts Festival Revolution, June 2012

Maps and Guides

Although most of our projects have temporary outcomes, many leave traces on the island or have resulted in maps or guides that you can use to explore and enjoy Portland with.

Portland Pathways

The project brought together a group of local residents to research the histories of Portland’s paths and Bridleways. By Ania Bas.

The Portland Office for Imaginary History

The Portland Office for Imaginary History’s is a response to an open call from b-side to imagine an alternative Tourist Information Centre for the island of Portland. By Alistair Gentry.

Easton Ridge National Park

Almost 20% of Easton Ridge -the famous mountain range south of Easton and highlight of every Portland visit – has now been declared a protected area. Artists Claudia Antonius and Jorgs Jozwiak ran guided tours through the park here in 2018.


As you explore Portland you may find evidence of our past projects – like the curiously inscribed cutlery at The Sugar Loaf Café or the mysterious bronze plaques situated in unusual locations.


Drop into The Sugar Loaf Cafe, Easton – stir your tea with a spoon of drama, eat your lunch with a fork of fiction or cut some cake with a knife of mystery! Created by artist Ania Bas commissioned by b-side festival 2014.

To find out more take a look HERE


Stories and overheard conversations were collected and then cast into commemorative plaques in bronze using a site-specific foundry. Created by Katie Surridge and Stephen Coles commissioned by b-side festival 2018.

For more information click HERE


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