b-side is an internationally recognised
and locally loved arts organisation
on the Isle of Portland in Dorset

Barbara by Farhad Berahman B-side festival 2018

Commission Opportunity for a Portland Resident

An opportunity for an Isle of Portland resident artist/creative

Photographer Farhad Berahman

Open Call - Who Do We Think We Are?

An open call for creative responses that explore and playfully provoke notions of migration, belonging and home

Current Programme

Common Lands

Using the Isle of Portland as a microcosm ‘Common Lands’ will explore our relationship to and with land – both here and elsewhere. Common Lands will explore the physical and environmental context: climate change, biodiversity and erosion together with the human context: migration, displacement, land ownership, and rights through community-led research, workshops, seminars and discussion events, artist bursaries, residencies and commissions.

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