b-side is an internationally recognised
and locally loved arts organisation
on the Isle of Portland in Dorset

(L-R): David Squire, Managing Director, Yellow Buses; Chris Saunders, Director of the Destination Awards; Kate Wood, Artistic and Executive Director, Activate Performing Arts; Simon Lee Dicker, Dorset Moon Producer, b-side; Andrea Francis, Festival Director, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea; Sarah James, Chief Executive, The Arts Development Company
Press Release

Dorset Moon Wins Gold at Destination Awards

Deadline -
Tuesday 13th October 2020 - 2:15pm

After stunning visitors in 2019 with an out of this world experience, Dorset Moon has been awarded the prestigious Gold Award in Bournemouth...


Outpost Lockdown Exhibitions - Linda Levi & Sarah Colwell

8th21st October 2020

During the lockdown, many people have been rekindling their love of making - baking, sewing, painting, drawing and crafting we want to celebrate

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B-side Assemblies 05: Show and Tell

Tuesday 11th August 2020 - 2:00pm

We know that there is immense value to the sharing of intimate, small scale, creative moments with participants, communities and audiences. This...

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b-side festival 2021

11 - 19 September 2021

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