Katarina Rose - The Last Ballet Photo Brendan Buesnel

Katarina Rose

I create imaginary worlds, triggered by human traces seen within the natural and urban environment. I combine found objects, old photographs, text, taxidermy, and collage, with my own sculpted and painted forms. Often I invent characters and write short stories to accompany the works. I am inspired by everything around me all the time, and like to stitch together links between seemingly random ideas to form my own symbolic visual language. I have been working under the name 'Katarina Rose' since 2013, and have curated two solo shows, as well as exhibiting widely in group shows. This year I received Arts Council Funding to move into Public Art, and b-side will be my first venture of this kind.

For b-side 2016

Though most of my current artworks are contained within objects such as boxes, suitcases, biscuit tins and radios, I am also beginning to work with internal and external spaces on a larger scale. My work for b-side festival will see my artworks embedded into the landscape of Portland, in various site specific locations. I am particularly interested in exploring the historical customs and Folklore of the Island and am working under the title 'Strangers'

Katarina Rose's b-side Portfolio


Festival 2016

9th17th September 2016

b-side returned to the Isle of Portland in September 2016 showcasing the very best in contemporary art made in response to this beautiful and...