Ivon Oates

Portland Rock

A site-specific installation, exploring the fabric and history of spaces and places on Portland through sound.

'Portland Rock' is a sound installation by Ivon Oates composed from sounds and voices recorded on Portland. Expect to hear voices, songs sung by local people, individual stories and memories about life on Portland. Listen to sounds and comments on aspects of culture or social history.

Visitors are invited to take a journey through the 'sound-scape' as they wander within FISHERMAN'S ROW by Chesil Beach close to the Cove Inn pub. This installation offers the audience a chance to enter a magical space and experience traces of memory including retreating footsteps, pounding rocks, distant voices and sounds blending with the natural surroundings. Please take a while to listen to the hidden sounds and contemplate!

With thanks to local residents, musicians and enthusiasts without whom there would be no sound.