Simon Ryder

Simon Ryder

Inspired by the Jurassic Coast and the earth scientists working to unlock its secrets, Simon Ryder brings an inside-out perspective to the festival: quite literally, this exhibition encompasses x-rays of the inside of Portland stone, a close-up look at Stone Age micro-flint tools, video footage of The Race (the treacherous mass of waves and currents just off the Bill) and the last wishes of Marie Stopes, local resident and friend of Thomas Hardy. 'A Natural History of Pseudomorphs' promises to reveal a side of Portland that you will not have seen before.

Originally trained as a zoologist before turning to art, Simon Ryder's work investigates how we interact with the places in which we live and work, and how they, in turn, shape us. He adopts ideas and methodologies drawn from science, art, natural history and geology in his work, often using one to transform another. You can follow Simon's progress on Portland through his blog at www.simonhryder.wordpress.com

With thanks to National Coastwatch Institution, Southampton University. Joint commission with ExLab.

Simon Ryder's b-side Portfolio

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