[Archive] b-side festival 2012

Video credits: Filmed contributions by Darryl Smith, Greg Francis, Arran Green, Sally Watkins, Katy Star, Sandy Kirkby. Edited by Lucy Watkins. Soundtrack: Extracts from b-side 2012 commissioned artists



A&B [2012 Festival]

Sounding Stone

Ailie Rutherford [2012 Festival]

The Ganzfeld Experiment

Crab Man, Signpost & Bell [2012 Festival]

Mis-Guided Tours - Waves and Spaces
Day Bowman

Day Bowman [2012 Festival]

Weymouth/Portland 2012

Eyebrow [2012 Festival]

Still and Still Moving

Frances Scott [2012 Festival]

Closer to the Wind

Ivon Oates [2012 Festival]

Closer to the Wind
Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens [2012 Festival]

Parallels and Meridians – Beyond the Boundaries
Jordan McKenzie

Jordan McKenzie [2012 Festival]

Monsieur Poo-Pourri Points at Things
Juan delGado

Juan delGado [2012 Festival]

Sailing Out of Grain
Kid Carpet

Kid Carpet [2012 Festival]

The Language Lab - Mistranslating the stories of Poseidon, Olympic God of the Sea
Lu Zheng

Lu Zheng [2012 Festival]

Waiting for Godot
Niels Post

Niels Post [2012 Festival]

On Spam Business Proposals
Magnificent Revolution

Pedal Powered Pop-Up Events [2012 Festival]

Pedal Powered Pop-Up Events
Simon Ryder

Simon Ryder [2012 Festival]

Natural History of Pseudomorphs
Stig Evans

Stig Evans [2012 Festival]

Portland Colour Library
Sue Austin

Sue Austin [2012 Festival]

Creating the spectacle

Triops [2012 Festival]

Triops in the Incredible Panoramic Dome
Wendy Elia

Wendy Elia [2012 Festival]

Rowena at Bowleaze Cove