b-side YPG performance during b-side festival 2016

Join the Young Producer Group

Are you between 15 - 21 years old and want to host an event in the Borough of Weymouth and Portland? Then you're in the right place! 

Work alongside Molly Scarborough, a performance artist & b-side team member, to host events decided and created by you. The Young Producers Group (YPG) will be a collaboration between 6 - 10 individuals aged between 15 & 21. The aim of the YPG is to produce a site specific events on the Isle of Portland (or Weymouth).

The YPG is an ongoing group at that meets at Outpost. 

In March of 2018 the YPG will begin to work on hosting / creating events for b-side festival 2018. 
If you'd like to be involved in the YPG please email: molly@b-side.org.uk to register your interest. 

Previous Work

In September 2016 the YPG performed as part of b-side festival. In the run up to the festival the group went through an 8 week long process of exploring sites on Portland and making performance for the festival. For this project the group worked under the performance name 'anonymART'. 

In December 2016 the YPG curated and produced an Xmas Variety Show that was held during b-side's festive week. The performance event showcased local young talent and celebrated the festive season. Click here to see a snippet of the event.

Follow @bsideypg to find out what the YPG are up to. 

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Festival 2016

9th17th September 2016

b-side returned to the Isle of Portland in September 2016 showcasing the very best in contemporary art made in response to this beautiful and...