Happy Valentine’s – Love Your Community

We absolutely LOVE our latest Outpost window displays centred around the Valentine’s theme of love. This year we put the call out for Love Your Community inspired window displays and had some glorious ideas sent in. Two complimentary ideas were selected, find out more below:

Becky Haynes

We are a group of neighbours/friends who got to know each other better during lockdown & nearly 4 years on, still enjoy the lovely community we live in. We were thinking about Spring, Love & Diversity on Portland & the wonderful diversity of butterflies on the Island came to mind. All sizes, colours & habitats that Portland gives them and us to thrive.
Spring symbolises new beginnings & butterflies symbolise transformation, rebirth, hope & positivity. Willow symbolises fertility, new life & shows us how to thrive, even in challenging conditions.”

Portland Youth Council

A hand-drawn tree with messages of love written on the leaves inspired by connectivity and diversity.


“We think that like a tree, community is first rooted in a physical space and overtime it stretches into diverse branches that might feel worlds away from each other however, ultimately, we are all connected.

We’d like the display to be reflective of what the people of Portland really do love about our community. We have thought about a range of groups of people that we can ask for quotes, these include at the local schools to older people at local social groups.”
The displays will be up for a few weeks, please do pop by Outpost in Fortuneswell and take a closer look.