Simon Ryder

Sharing a Singular Way

Friday October 11th

How blogging became a way of making. How making became a way of researching. How researching is a process of never endings.

The places we inhabit form and inform us and in turn our actions, mediated through the processes and technologies that we employ, shape our world. This constantly evolving interaction between Place and Process lies at the heart of my practice. My work comes from a fascination with, and empathy for, the way in which we often reveal and understand ourselves through our actions as much as our intensions.

Each new project begins with a period of research into how people, place and process interact in the chosen location, whilst at the same time drawing upon a wider range of references from the worlds of art, science and ecology. I then adopt an indigenous way of making, one that reflects an underlying essence of that context, with which to construct the artwork.

This whole process is mediated through blogging. Whilst being specific to the place for which it is made, each project resonates outwards, revealing aspects of our contemporary society that are relevant elsewhere.