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How you can help

Have you enjoyed a b-side event? Seen art that inspired you? Taken part or know of friends who have been involved in b-side’s work on Portland? If so, why not consider becoming an official supporter? From just £15 per year you can help the b-side team continue their work in building sustainable creative communities in the borough.

You can help to put Portland on the map by helping us to commission artists from the region and internationally to make new, exciting and high quality artworks for Portland, your money will enable residents of all ages to participate and young people to realise their creative potential.

Are you a business? b-side believes in nurturing partnerships with the business community and by bringing increased income to the local economy through our festival programme we believe we can work together for both our benefit. By becoming a sponsor, you will increase your visibility to our ever increasing audiences from both the local area and nationally.

If you would like to be involved, then take a look at our membership and sponsorship opportunities below or contact Advocacy Developer Sally Watkins at


Membership types:

Membership / Chert

Membership / Chert

From £5 per month
Pay monthly to help support b-side’s on-going programme.

Membership / Bedrock

Membership / Bedrock

From £15 per year
Make an annual donation that supports the young people’s programme.

Sponsorship / Whitestone

Sponsorship / Whitestone

From £250
Donate to support b-side’s on-going programme.

Major Donor / Oolite

Major Donor / Oolite

Get in touch
Be part of the creation of new work for the artistic programme.

Other ways to help

There are other non-financial ways in which you can support us. You can volunteer your time as a member of the festival team or as a Friend of b-side. Volunteers help out at events and Friends meet bi-monthly as part of a discussion forum, to take part in evaluation and host artist’s talks.

You can also be part of the creation of a new artwork. Please contact the Executive Director (Alan Rogers) directly if you would like to find out how you can contribute to the commissioning of new work for the artistic programme or towards the b-side engagement programme. Email:

Who we are

The b-side Friends began as a small, dedicated team of volunteers who wanted to become more involved in b-side. We started meeting on a regular basis to look at ways we could further support b-side’s work and to offer feedback from an audience perspective. That led to an exciting opportunity to participate in a Visual Arts South West pilot research project exploring the b-side visitor’s quality of experience.

Since then our ambitions have grown and we now also head up the Friends Fundraising team who undertake the management of the membership and donor scheme and host a number of fundraising events including talks and Friends led festival tours. All with the aim of enabling b-side to become even more financially sustainable and therefore extend their programme.

If you would like to learn more about us please contact