Weymouth College, Westfield & Wyvern Schools

Understanding Each other

Understanding Each Other has been created using work produced by students from local schools Westfield and Wyvern. The students attended workshops hosted by international, national and local artists; and used a variety of media techniques to express themselves and their thoughts. The installation has been split into four parts:Let's Present Myself
A group of students worked alongside Liz Crow, using media techniques to present them to the world. The students explored camera angles, lighting effects, costumes, composition and editing software, each creating their own powerful image.

Away From Our Parents
A residential was held at Holten Lee where the students form Westfield and Wyvern worked alongside local film maker Peter Snelling, creating their own film 'Away From Our Parents'. The students used film to express their interests and hobbies, as well as document parts their time away from home. The students were shown how to film, record sound, capture footage, edit and create animated sequences.

Kitchen Relations
A selection of workshops will be held throughout the b-side festival. Audience members will have the opportunity to interact and participate with a range of activities.

The Tree of Life
Workshops were held with groups of students from Westfield and Wyvern, digging deeper into what in life they feed on. A message tree has been created, presenting their views and statements to the world. Audience members will have time within this space to reflect on what they believe to be key nutrients in their own life.

Work by Weymouth College Students

Dip into a selection of work from the FdA Video Production and BA (hons) Media Production courses – parkour, transvestite take on Jekyll and Hyde, greyhound racing, pro skating and the UK beat-box championships to name but a few!