Melissa Bliss


Bird-Song In the quiet tranquillity of Chiswell Walled Garden, sit and listen to the birds singing around you. Or are they?

This sound installation has been made by Melissa Bliss and people in Portland. Can you identify the birdsong - and who made it?

Melissa has created a limited edition set of bird spotting cards which can be collected from the Walled Garden. Bird-Song is inspired by the huge number of birds on Portland, both resident and passing through. The Portland Bird Observatory identifies 300 species in an average year - from swallows and martins to gannets and sparrowhawks.

Melissa Bliss is an artist who works with communities across Britain and internationally to make artworks. She is interested in people's relationship to place and she has made films, sound installations, games and live events. Her last project was a scratch 'n' sniff film made with people in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire.