A cardboard cut out of a beauty queen with a smiling woman in sunglasses and a hat

Outstanding Unnatural Beauty Parlour

Sun 12 Sept 11:00 - 16:00

Quiddles Cafe
The Esplanade

Moving across the Island like a glamorous galleon of glitz we present the 'Unnatural Beauty Parlour'

Step into your own personal Hollywood dressing room, choose a lucky- dip make-up bag*, and join veteran showgirl Kiki Bogof (from the Internationally famous Duo Bogof) for her 'instant showpony makeover'. 

Follow her speedy step-by-step make-up tutorial, to transform yourself from a natural, to an unnatural beauty, then stride into the landscape for a fabulous photographic portrait. The portraits will be uploaded to a dedicated Instagram page, celebrating Natural and Unnatural beauty. 

Anyone is welcome in this mobile Area of Outstanding Unnatural Beauty - listen to the voices of former Carnival queens and others, reflecting on the idea of beauty and who decides what is beautiful and what is not. 

* Covid safe make-up provided, but feel free to bring your own  


Please Note

You can also catch the Parlour at Portland Bill and Fancys Farm.

I was inspired by a map of Dorset’s designated ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ (AONBs)  - and wondered why Portland hadn’t made the grade.  (The AONB map’s boundary stops very abruptly just before the causeway).  It left me wondering who gets to decide what is beautiful, and how they measure it.  Isn’t beauty subjective anyway, and come to think of it, what actually IS beauty? 

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