Bevis Fenner

The End of Leisure: artists, tourists and the work of everyday life

This presentation explores the relationship between art, tourism and everyday life in neoliberal society. I will investigate the relationship between the subjective processes of artist and tourist, and how these can be used to develop a duel consciousness or reflexive approach to everyday practice. By taking art and tourism out of their discrete boxes, we can look to develop new modes of practice, which work outside of, or in opposition to, neoliberal models of work and leisure and their co-option of creativity.

This presentation suggests how practice-based research can be used to develop what McRobbie (2015) terms 'rhizomatic tactics and strategies' that simultaneously explore and oppose the conditions of work and leisure in neoliberal society.  It also highlights the 'actancy' of the art object within the wider networks of emotional labour and affective capital of neoliberalist systems; showing how practice can be used to explore the problems inherent in the view of leisure as an everyday form of production through which subjective freedom and agency can be attained.