I Scream Van

South West, UK
Fuse - I Scream Van

The I Scream Van as a mobile cinema mixes mock horror movies with live performance producing joyous moments of genuine fright for the audience. Six people at a time are shown by immaculately dressed ushers into this perfectly crafted 'auditorium' that replicates a classic cinema décor.

The curtains open to a variety of short films ranging from the mock horror works of Forkbeard Fantasy to animation shorts and locally sourced films. The company also play with themes of the seaside show and of fleeting fame as each day it offers members of the public the opportunity to be ' a movie star for a day' creating matinee idols for their friends to see in the cinema.

As a site of recollection, the company celebrates the history and fabric of the seaside through moving image, filmed interviews and locally sourced archive material.

The I Scream Van offers a performance space for this coastline and those that use it, live next to and enjoy it.