Ed Jones

Until It Ends

Until it Ends' is a gold leafed magnetised sailing hull which is supported by the shear ferrite shards of metal beneath it. When the Olympics 'end' the magnet will be turned off and all the attracted metals will fall to the ground.

For me it is comment on the nature of the Olympics and what potential it can bring to a town but also what happens when its 'magnetism' is turned off.

Having spoken with an Olympic Stadium structural adviser at the Sydney village in 2007, the general perception of the area is a 'ghost town':

"Sydney Olympic Park – the centrepiece for the Games – became yet another white elephant after the Games closed…"We didn't really have a policy for what would happen to the Olympic site after the Games," Sue Holliday admits, the former chief planner for the Sydney Games…"
- (Independent newspaper article, 'After the Party', August 2008).