Sadie Hennessy

Sadie Hennessy is a multi-disciplinary artist whose roots lie in collage, but who has expanded her idea of collage to encompass the third and fourth dimensions, to create immersive environments and events, examining the zeitgeist and the world around her, as she perceives it.  She explores the vital issues of the day, through a dark prism of melancholia, mixed with black humour.  She is especially interested in the tension between the natural and the man-made world.

For b-side festival 2020

Outstanding Unnatural Beauty Parlour

Keep your eyes out for the pink neon sign, that will lead you to The Outstanding Unnatural Beauty Parlour . The clue is that it will be somewhere on the island where you’d least expect to find a beauty parlour.  If you do find it, you will be invited to step inside the glorious pink salon, and be given an over-the-top make-over, by a team of trained beauticians. 

When you are happy with your look, you will have your photograph taken in the beautiful rugged landscape of the Island.  The portraits will be uploaded to a dedicated Instagram page, celebrating Natural and Unnatural beauty.


Sadie Hennessy's b-side Portfolio


b-side festival 2021

11th19th September 2021

b-side is back, showcasing the very best in contemporary art made in response to the beautiful and intriguing Isle of Portland.



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9th17th September 2016

b-side returned to the Isle of Portland in September 2016 showcasing the very best in contemporary art made in response to this beautiful and...