B-side Assemblies 05: Show and Tell

11/08/2020 - 11/08/2020

The nuts and bolts of making work with and for our communities during COVID.

We know that there is immense value to the sharing of intimate, small scale, creative moments with participants, communities and audiences. This online discussion event will consider and give practical examples of how artists and arts organisations are adapting programmes to work safely with the public – discovering exciting new ways of working as well as sharing the challenges.

Taking place just a few months after the UK COVID lockdown whilst many restrictions were still in place for live events  this free Assemblies event asked the question: “How will we continue to share a feeling of intimacy and be part of a close community when scientific advice sees personal proximity as inherently dangerous?”

Online festivals and creative content have the potential to reach wider, diverse audiences. But how can we also co-create events with off-line communities and where do the two cross -over?

Presented by b-side this event was chaired by Lorna Rees (Artistic Director of Gobbledegook Theatre and Outdoor Arts UK Board member) and explored different approaches to these questions opening up helpful discussions amongst speakers and attendees.

Invited Panel:

Lorna Rees  Artistic Director Gobbledegook Theatre and Outdoor Arts UK Board member)

Andrea Francis Festival Director Bournemouth Arts By The Sea

Tom Green Producer Refugee Week and Platforma Festival, Counterpoints Arts

Kim Wide Executive Director Take A Part CIC

Amanda Wallwork b-side Co Artistic Director

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