Join in with b-side festival 2021

Fringe Benefits

09 – 12 September 2021

This year, why don’t you be the artist?

Join the festival by creating art in your front window/garden/garage/driveway, celebrating the Isle of Portland!

We are inviting everyone across the Isle of Portland to take part in this year’s festival by creating something that celebrates the Isle of Portland. It could be a painting of Chesil Beach, a sculpture of Portland Bill, a sound art piece of Portland birds, or an installation of your favorite Portland moments – anything goes!

Here’s how to get involved:​​

  1. Register to take part HERE letting us know you are going to take part and what your address is so we can bring you your festival signage and put you on the festival map.
  2. Have your creation ready for the opening of the festival: 11am on Thursday 09 September, 2021.
  3. Enjoy all your audiences and admirers throughout the festival, and go check out your neighbor’s creation too!