Jez Riley French

A quiet position: Portland

Friday October 11th

Jez Riley FrenchMeeting, to walk, to listen - to spend some time allowing locations to impose themselves on us. We can talk, ask questions of each other and simply take pleasure in re-focusing our ears.

During this walk certain unconventional devices will be used to provide different ways to listen to sounds hidden from our naked ears - the meeting between the immediate and these audible silences widens our locale.


Using intuitive composition, field recording and photography, Jez has been exploring his enjoyment of detail, simplicity and his emotive response to places and situations for the past 3 decades.

Alongside solo performances and exhibitions he collaborates with other artists, runs the ‘in place’ and 'a quiet position' projects on field recording – a subject on which he also lectures and tutors as well as curating the ‘engraved glass’, ‘point engraved’ and ‘a quiet position’ labels.

In recent years Jez has been working extensively on recordings of surfaces and spaces (natural and man made) and has also been developing the concept of photographic scores.

A new, specially commissioned piece featuring recordings of the Tate Modern building vibrating will be exhibited at The Tate for 3 months, beginning in June 2013.

Recent releases

  • 'movere: estonia' (cd)
  • 'in the field' (book)
  • 'instamatic: czech republic' (download)
  • 'a quiet position - wired lab' (download)
  • 'instamatic: blue mountains, nsw' (stream for Touch Radio)