[intransit] Producers: Session 6

Motivated through a new appreciation for tools and stages that come with Project Management the [intransit] producers met at Weymouth College to work on the production of a first draft for the long awaited WHY? Festival line up.

Having now identified how we were going to produce the upcoming festival and events, we reviewed what messages we want to pass on to the young people of Portland and how our aspirations at the start of the process align with the information we have collected so far on what the Portland residents want the festival to represent.

We started the session by reviewing the results of the questionnaire we had previously created and sent out for potential festival attendees to complete. This helped us understand the current issues the community is facing and the change they want to see within the island. After identifying the key themes from the data, we started thinking about how we can address these issues and make some of the aspirations reality.

Some interesting themes relating to the ideas of identity and community came to light as well as some of the more specific problems we had anticipated such as LGBT+ issues and mental health.

We reviewed the current list of potential artists we had collated and some of the performers who will be attending this years b-side festival to see how we could encapsulate and facilitate the communities ideas in a way that would be conducive to creating change. With our newfound project management expertise and some of the recently favoured post-it notes we managed to create a very exciting programme draft.

Although it still needs some adjusting it’s really exciting knowing the potential this project now has and we look forward to making it a reality over the coming weeks.

Written by Robin Moran.