Lucy Watkins

An Exchange of Views

Chance, the handmade, dark humour and ambivalence, are the themes that inform the work I make asa multimedia artist studying for an ma visual performance at dartington college of arts. Practising on a solo and collaborative basis, I produce live and mediated work through the moving image.

The main body of my work lies in exploring the ambiguity of the interpretative relationship between sonic and visual images. My films/installations explore perceived degrees of congruence and incongruence between images inside the piece to images outside. They are polytropic, containing multiple sensibilities and concerns.

An exchange of views is a video installation placed in statue house tapas bar. It will be a series of short,intriguing and alternative perspectives taken from, and of, the transitory social space of a seaside cafe. It will reflect not just views of the outside, but those inside too: towards place; towards people. The visual images used in the film will be collected from spaces seeable from the cafe, and like the sound, may be taken from the interior or the exterior. Reflecting the many and varied interpretations visitors to the cafe may have of the same view, each short soundtrack will play over each moving image.