Agnieszka Kozlowska

Re-presencing the island: photographs from and out of Portland

5th14th September 2014
Stone Fisherman’s Hut, Durdle Pier, East Weares (follow signs from the Church Ope viewing platform)
Church Ope Rd

Agnieszka Kozlowska’s work explores ways in which a photographic object can begin to communicate a complex and embodied experience of locations along the coast of Portland that far exceeds the purely visual. In an absurdly laborious and time-consuming endeavour – working entirely outdoors with natural found materials – Agnieszka makespaper from local plants and exposes it for long periods of time in primitive cameras built out of rocks. Only the inherent light-sensitivity of plant substances is used. The cameras were sited in multiple locations around the Island all pointing to the horizon, imprinting the paper inside with the subtle light differences between the sky and the sea.

The resulting installation invites the viewers to make a journey to a stone hut in the East Weares area and experience the landscape first hand. There they will discover the photographic artefacts that not so much depict as embody the places out of which they were made. A film screened in the hut gives a glimpse of the artist’s process of creating the works.

“My practice stems from experiments in the medium of photography and is driven by a fascination with the moment of photographic exposure, when a tangible link is formed between the light-sensitive surface and the physical world. Constructing primitive cameras, using historical photographic processes and making paper, I explore the status of a photograph as a physical trace rather than purely an image.

In my recently completed practice-led PhD I propose photography is a natural phenomenon that takes place essentially independently of human intervention, as a tool for representing what some cultural geographers have termed the more-than-human, sensuous dimensions of our interaction with the surrounding world.”

‘Well worth the walk which was beautiful anyway, to see these exquisite pieces. The film was fascinating and photographs very beautiful.’ Visitor.

‘Interesting and thought provoking. Great to meet and hear the artist explanations too. Shame its at an end.’ Visitor.

Guidance: Agnieszka’s work is situated in and around an old stone fisherman’s hut near Durdle Pier on the east side of the island. Follow the signs from Church Ope viewing platform, near Rufus Castle. The walk takes 25 mins along a rough and winding path. We recommend wearing suitable footwear.  The site is not accessible to those with limited mobility.



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