An depiction of an ammonite using lights

Of Sea and Stone

Fri 10 + Sat 11 September 20.30 - 22.30


Church Ope
217 Wakeham
Church Ope viewing platform is near Rufus Castle, follow the path down from Portland Museum, 217 Wakeham, DT5 1HS. The route is accessible but the path down to the viewing platform is fairly steep

Of Sea & Stone is a 10-minute projection lightshow, set to music and presented on the side of Rufus Castle and part of the cliffs below

The work is inspired by community-led research for The History, Myths and Legends of Church Ope Cove Project - a b-side and Portland Museum partnership.

The work uses light, colour and figurative images to transform the surface of the castle and the cliff creating bold patterns and imagery. Inspired by the way the castle seems to appear as if it has been pulled up out of the rock, Of Sea & Stone repeatedly uses the reshaping of rock and stone, as abstract building blocks that morph into an evolving sequence of shapes and images. These images, like the Portland coastline, are sculpted by water. The resulting abstract collage of symbols and motifs attempt to represent the rugged and dramatic coastline whilst acknowledging the elemental nature of the landscape and its reforming over time. 

Please note that to keep this event COVID safe we are limiting numbers to this event.

We have several 20 minute time slots available, we recommend you book to avoid disappointment.



I have combined what I have learned from the Research Groups findings with my own experiences of being on the island, talking to islanders, visiting Portland Museum and soaking up the unique atmosphere of Church Ope Cove.

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