Kamra-e-faoree by Farhad Berahman. Photo: Molly Scarborough. b-side festival 2018.


St Georges Church
This venue is accessible

Farhad has created a series of hand tinted photographic portraits of Portland residents taken in places that have a special connection for them - those new to the island as well as those from a longer lineage.  Created using his self-built Afghan Camera Box/kamra-e-faoree, this traditional method of photography creates space for subjects to connect slowly with their surroundings, sharing memories, thoughts and exploring relationships to place and what it means to be from somewhere. Portraits are hand coloured, adding to the timeless quality of the image. Still used by veteran street photographers in Afghanistan and Iran, the camera box acts is also a darkroom, enabling participants to recieve their portrait within minutes of processing their image. 

“During my first visit to Portland, I was intrigued by the unique connection residents have to this sparse island and it’s sites, which appear to stand-still in time. This traditional method of photography allows space for a subject to connect slowly with their surroundings and share their memories and thoughts about their chosen place.”



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