Chris A Wright

Begin under the flyover

The artist sees things differently. Tourist boards promote areas using guided walks, highlighting places of interest whose appeal is often only an adjunct to the artist. Extending the remit of the relationship ‘between art and tourism’ to ‘between artist and tourism’, my intention references a promoted walk I undertook in Stavanger, Norway in 2010 called The Blue Promenade. In Dorset, I will have walked the 13 mile, Isle of Portland section of the South West Coastal Path over a period of 24 hours to align with a suggestion that an excursionist travels for no less than 24 hours in a certain place to reveal a different, alternative focus. Small, ephemeral interventions will be made directing others towards these additional highlights. This presentation shows images taken throughout the walk accompanied by a discussion about directed tourism. This references, for example, Poundbury where the tourist information says ‘By far the most popular activity for visitors to Poundbury is to experience the town itself........ hours can be spent just meandering through the gorgeous streets taking in this uniquely British development’. Thus, connections will be made between tourist guidance and artist viewpoints to find a common link.