Tim Spooner

Tim Spooner

Tim Spooner works in performance, installation, painting and sculpture. His work uses materials and objects in ways that reveal unexpected properties, aiming to open up perspectives beyond the human scale. Fundamentally interested in unpredictability, his live work is an exercise in balancing control with a lack of it in the handling of the materials he is working with.

Recent projects include The Assembly of Animals, made for young audiences and combining performance with sculpture; and The Telescope, which uses a microscope camera to reveal a universe of miniature objects manipulated using magnets, electricity and chemical reactions.

“Tim Spooner is unclassifiable. Meticulous in the assembly and construction of his objects, disconcerting in the implementation of his performances, he belongs to those artists freed from any preconceived ideas and expectations. He appears to only follow the logical flow of the material as it transforms, he offers us a unique, strange and powerful universe.”

- Renaud Herbin, Director TJP, Strasbourg

Tim Spooner is an Artsadmin Associate Artist.


Tim Spooner's b-side Portfolio

crowd on beach

b-side Festival 2014

5th14th September 2014

A programme of original work sometimes poignant or challenging, sometimes celebratory and frequently witty. The work was displayed on footpaths,...


Festival 2016

9th17th September 2016

b-side returned to the Isle of Portland in September 2016 showcasing the very best in contemporary art made in response to this beautiful and...

Performers at sea front

b-side Festival 2018

7th15th September 2018

The festival showcased the very best in contemporary art, made in response to this beautiful, intriguing and extraordinary island. Over 15,000...

Family Workshop

Family Workshop with Tim Spooner

18th September
Royal Manor Theatre

An opportunity to take part in a making workshop with Tim Spooner creator of The Shambles.

Play with experiments that explore

Tim Spooner 'The Shambles' by Brendan Buesnel

The Shambles

10th September
Royal Manor Theatre

Utterly unique, idiosyncratic and mesmerising THE SHAMBLES, a semi-animatronic theatre show made for Portland's own jewel of a theatre - part