Trigger Warning by There There. Photo by Maria Tanjala.

There There

There There is a 50% Romanian, 50% Serbian performance company, founded in London by Dana Olărescu and Bojana Janković. The company’s practice revolves around topics that emerge at the intersection of personal experiences and big picture policy and politics, including immigration, immigrant and national identities, exclusion, and heritage. 

There There's b-side Portfolio


WHY? Festival 2018

13th15th September 2018

The WHY? festival took place over one weekend during b-side 2018 festival. Produced and programmed by our current cohort of [intransit] Producers...

Performers at sea front

b-side Festival 2018

7th15th September 2018

The festival showcased the very best in contemporary art, made in response to this beautiful, intriguing and extraordinary island. Over 15,000...