Isla Chaney

Isla Chaney

Isla makes intriguing structures that are contemplative and deliberately ambiguous. Concerned with the internal architecture of things they focus on the patterns of growth and transformation inherent to all natural phenomena - from micro-organisms to the larger scale geology of the landscape.

Isla's work is about contrast and contradiction, control and lack of, the natural and the man-made, scientific accuracy and artistic opacity. Part object, part imagination the work explores the relative proportions of solid mass and open space within the made object. Creating voids within the pieces, which are as visually significant as the dense networks which surround them. 

 “My connection with b-side has coincided with a shift in my practice. I am moving away from a solely gallery based practice into a more of an installation based one. Having worked mainly in clay I am now using a variety of other materials. The bursary I received from b-side has helped to fund the training I needed to make this transition, as well as providing mentoring support and career development advice.”

Isla Chaney is a recipient of a b-side bursary 2013.

Isla Chaney's b-side Portfolio

crowd on beach

b-side Festival 2014

5th14th September 2014

A programme of original work sometimes poignant or challenging, sometimes celebratory and frequently witty. The work was displayed on footpaths,...