Claudia Antonius & Jörg Jozwiak

Commissioned by b-side

Based in Vienna, Claudia Antonius and Jörg Jozwiak have been working together for many years. In 2015 they founded the "Institute of Inter-witted Research". Their artistic studies are dedicated to the interface between sense, nonsense, pensiveness, deeper meaning and senselessness.  For Claudia and Jörg works are not limited to specific forms of artistic expression and they toy with various disciplines; they are especially interested in the serious within the humorous, and the humor to be found within the serious.

Claudia is a visual artist and an art historian with degrees from the Düsseldorf Art Academy and Salzburg University; Jörg also graduated from the Düsseldorf Academy and holds a Visual Arts PhD from Goldsmiths College, London.