Barbara Simons - Blonde

Barbara Simons

Selected for the Evolver Prize b-side bus stops - a partnership with Evolver and Sherborne House Arts (SHA) 

BLONDE from a collection of intimate portraits and abstract Equine photography, exploring ancient native breeds. This Comtois was high in the Pyrenees wrapped in deep mist.  An abundant flaxen mane flows over her face like a collection of illuminated little rivulets.  Water droplets on her forelock, the only giveaway to how drenched we both are. She is calm company - serene and curious. I am observer and observed.  At this moment, we are in conversation.  
Later, back home, I was saddened to learn that the young of this mare may be sold for meat. These are strong, intelligent horses with a placid, even temperament - they belong working woodlands, vineyards and farms.

Barbara Simons is an Equine Art Photographer. She is inspired by the individuality, physicality and elegance of horses, creating classic and often abstract views that make you look again.

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