[Archive] b-side encounters 2011

We like encounters with the unexpected that's why we've developed some brand new projects with young people in and around Weymouth & Portland.

Air Radio

Air Radio [2011 Encounters]

Westfield School with Sue Palmer and Pedro Calero

Cut and Paste

Cut and Paste [2011 Encounters]

With Peter Snelling

Five Things I Know

Five Things I Know [2011 Encounters]

NACRO with Peter Snelling

Impossible Architexture

Impossible Architexture [2011 Encounters]

Portland Rocks with Ivon Oates and David Rogers


Portrait [2011 Encounters]

With Sarah Shorten

Southill Youth Club

Southill Youth Club [2011 Encounters]

Southill Youth Club with Tim Fogg and Rachelle Green

The Babygrow Project

The Babygrow Project [2011 Encounters]

With Peter and Sally Snelling