b-side multimedia arts festival

5 - 14 September 2014 Portland, Dorset

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Arts Council England, Dorset Loves Art, The National Lottery

10 days of live art, visual art, sound, film and installation.

Here is a round up of those ten 10 days in September when the sun shone, Portland welcomed us and we all embraced the b-side...

9 artist talks

14 new artworks

35 artists

27 locations on Portland

16 South West based artists

52 events

140 art confessions

260 people took part in a
b-side project

14,000 views of our online brochure

Over 12,000 visitors

1 amazing island

(nobody mention the r*****)

“Brilliant festival, brought the island alive!”

 - visitor

"The b-side festival gets better each year. Thank you."

 - visitor

“An amazing portrait of an amazing place.”

 - visitor via Twitter

“Just brilliant. Been back several times to see the various art. A good wide selection of thought provoking stuff.”

 - visitor

"Poignant, enlightening, funny. Made me feel proud to live here in such a special place. Well done to all involved."

 - visitor

"Tremendous events and wonderful to see Portland differently and indeed spend some time there."

 - visitor

"I really enjoyed my b-side day out, this was my first proper year of going to several b-side events and I was very pleasantly surprised!"

 - visitor

"I enjoyed the intimacy of the events... as an antidote to the large scale arts festivals I really enjoyed the smaller scale 'encounters' that were just magical, particularly in the wonderful landscape of Portland."

 - visitor

“To take part in what seems to have been an overwhelmingly well-received festival and commissioning process is obviously a good thing for any artist.”

 - Alistair Gentry, b-side artist

"Interesting and thought provoking. Great to meet and hear the artist explanations too. Shame it's at an end."

 - visitor

“I enjoyed how varied the work was, bringing together sound installations, photography, live art, literature, exhibition was very well orchestrated. It did not look accidental, there was conversation between the pieces.”

 - Ania Bas, b-side artist

"Really impressed. Great idea and superbly executed. Love the way you have presented it. Fantastic work."

 - visitor

“A very beautiful piece which provided a peaceful experience in turbulent times.”

 - visitor recalling 'What is left?' by Ellie Harrison & Roshana Rubin-Mayhew

“Thank you to all the artists, the volunteers and visitors. Portland was put on the map and showed that we are not just a cream tea and a visit to Portland Bill to see the lighthouse.”

 - visitor

“Genuine interest in community, great attention to detail, and nurturing to artists.”

 - Tom Marshman, b-side artist

"The organisation is the opposite of faceless and because of this, easy human conversations could happen between the festival, audiences and artists about the work and the place."

 - Tim Spooner, b-side artist

“Wonderful to experience the arts outside of London and see the history of this island being preserved in a novel and fascinating manner.”

 - visitor

“Couldn’t have been more impressed with b-side festival. Beautifully curated and exceptionally effective at animating Portland as a place.”

 - visitor via Twitter

“What an amazing night. Everyone who took part just helped make the atmosphere amazing. The people of Portland were so welcoming and supportive too which made it that much more special.”

 - visitor recalling ‘Lullaby’ by Luke Jerram

“Brilliant to see inside this spectacular piece of history brought to life by the artwork. How about opening it regularly?”

 - visitor recalling ‘Passage' by Simon Ryder

Thank you.

Thank you to our artists, volunteers and all the visitors who came, saw and participated. You made the festival a wonderful place to be and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Arts Council England, Dorset Loves Art, The National Lottery

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