Wishing you a peaceful Festive time this year

It’s been quite a year and not one that anyone could have planned for. We were really disappointed to have to postpone our 2020 Festival but it has been an unexpected joy to have connected with so many people in different ways this year and discover even more creative talent right on our doorstep.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped us this year, we couldn’t have achieved half of all we have done without you.

It was certainly a challenging year and all our plans had to adapt, but this year we have:

  • Continued to support our Festival commissioned artists. Find out more HERE
  • Coordinated and delivered emergency funding to artists across Dorset with our arts organisation partners. b-side led on the Dorset Emergency Artist Fundraising £19,095 which helped 49 artists in critical financial situations across Dorset. Find out more HERE
  • Exhibited and celebrated the lockdown creative talents of 24 Portland residents as part of our Lockdown Exhibitions programme at our project space Outpost, for every exhibition we donated money to the Portland Foodbank. Find out more HERE
  • Planned and delivered an online training course for young people interested in creating and running public events. 15 participants from across Dorset took part in this short taster course delivered in partnership with our arts partners Activate Performing Arts. Find out more HERE
  • Created Festive Goodie bags packed with art and craft materials and ideas for local families who use Portland Foodbank to enjoy some creative time together. Find out more HERE