New Curators

Meet the New Curators

We are so pleased to announce our team of New Curators for 2021.

Over the next nine months they will be part of a programme of mentoring and training delivered by the b-side team and other arts professionals with financial support to see work by artists and other organisations and curate an event for the b-side festival 2021.


Supported by Art Fund and public funding from Arts Council England.

Alix Emery

Hi, I’m Alix, I’m interested in the abject, the weird and the transgressive. I work in environmental activism and make art with a dark humour that looks between fact and fiction. I’m excited to be a b-side New Curator because it gives me the opportunity to explore issues concerning art in and about public space on Portland. My Instagram handle is @alixemery

Amy Mifsud

Hi, I’m Amy, I’m interested in art directing & public art. I enjoy photography & digital communications. I’m excited to be a b-side New Curator because I'll be adding to the creativity on my favourite Island. 

Christopher Lee

Hi, I'm Chris, I'm a practising artist. I make and exhibit work mainly in the medium of sculpture and installation, and I am interested in working with communities to develop community arts projects. I am excited to be a b-side New Curator because this presents an opportunity to work with communities on the fascinating Island of Portland, resulting in site specific artwork that all the residents can be proud of; whilst developing my own skills in arts project development. Some of my work to date can be found at

Maddison Collymore

Hi, I’m Maddison, I’m interested in cultural politics and collective art experiences. I’m excited to be a b-side New Curator for the opportunity to facilitate engaging and community focused events in my future. 


My Instagram social is @maddison.collymore


Bobby Searle

Hi I'm Bobby,  I'm an artist whose work mainly lies within the domain of organic time based performative sculpture and installation. I am interested in the impact we, as a species have on the world around us in both the ecological and social contexts.
I'm excited to be a b-side new curator as it's a great opportunity to work collaboratively with communities and other artists on Portland's wild and diverse landscape, within a much loved b-side festival.

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