Into Dust

Dorset Weymouth
01/02/2017 - 01/02/2017

Into Dust was a project with local young people aiming to tackle the stigma, social isolation and phobic behaviour around and towards our LGBT community.

Following on from hosting Shame Chorus (an uplifting music project about shame and sexuality) during b-side Festival 2016 we were motivated to create our own project to help raise awareness of  LGBT issues for young people living locally. We began working closely with members of Space Youth Project (Weymouth) and began working towards creating our own song and music video that could be shared with other young people and shown in school settings to both stimulate discussions around current LGBT issues as well as tackling some of them head-on.

Members of Space Youth Project began working on, writing and composing their own song alongside professional Bristol-based songwriters Brontë Shande & Rosina Buck. The group discussed icons, music taste, target audience, the aims and objectives of the song, the point they wanted to get across and a range of LGBT issues they want to bring to the forefront of people’s minds.

Working with filmmakers DYSPLA the group worked on the production of a music video for their song ‘Into Dust’. The video was premiered at Russell-Cotes as part of Bourne Free. and then screened it at the Prejudice Free Dorset conference. In December 2018 the project and video were shortlisted for the Winter Pride Awards in London.

Funded by: Big Lottery Fund, Dorset County Council, Poole Borough Council