b-side Assemblies 04: Making Art in Times of Crisis

Dorset Portland
28/06/2019 - 28/06/2019

What is the point of art in the face of death? Can art affect political change?

We face one of the biggest catastrophes in our planet’s history. Climate change and environmental destruction are causing mass extinction. The threat to life includes the human species. If we go extinct, we are likely to leave an Earth that is uninhabitable to most lifeforms.

Artists Michael PinskyLeni Dothan and writer and Extinction Rebellion activist Sara Hudston led a lively and incisive discussion to a gathering of  over 60  people including environmentalists, artists and extinction rebellion supporters. Both artists have made work in response to the ever-increasing threat of pollution, this event included a tour of ‘Pollution Pods’ and a screening of “Age of Smoke: Painting the Predator” a BatFish Films short documentary directed by Naima Vogt and Martine Stephen, and co-produced by Thais Martin. The film tells the story of Israeli artist Leni Dothan’s year-long collaboration with a team of chemists from UCL, during which they developed a series of pollution-reactive sculptures to raise public awareness about the danger of pollution in London. The film follows the team from start to finish as they prepare to exhibit ‘The Portland Stone Rehabilitation Centre’ at the 2018 b-side Festival.


This event was co-presented by Cape Farewell and b-side.