Air Radio

Dorset Weymouth
01/07/2011 - 01/07/2011

Air Radio was part of a year long b-side Encounters programme of creative opportunities for young people.

Westfield School with Sue Palmer and Pedro Calero

Artist Sue Palmer workedÿwith young peopleÿfrom Westfield Arts Technology College in Littlemoor. Pupilsÿworked with Sue andÿWeymouth College student Pedro Calero developingÿwork for AIR Radio on the theme of hopes, dreams and wishes. The collected thoughts and wishes of St Andrews Primary School, Acorn Day Care Centre as well as people on the streets of Littlemoor, wereÿmade into a series of short sound pieces for broadcast on AIR internet radio in July 2011.
Like to listen to what they created? Click the link below

bsidefest ú B-side Encounters AIR Radio Sound Bite

Many thanks to AIRÿFM for broadcasting our programmes. Listen to AIR 107.2 HERE