[intransit] Producers

You are in transit.

Take your first step into the producing world with b-side and programme & produce your very own Young Person Festival (called WHY? Festival) at b-side Festival 2018.

b-side Festival takes place 08 - 16 September.
WHY? Festival will take place 13 - 15 September.

As an [intransit] Producer you will:

  • Receive training & mentorship from b-side team & outside professionals
  • Help b-side produce a Young Person led festival during b-side Festival
  • Work with a budget & learn about fundraising on the go
  • Be paid for your time
  • Be aged 16 - 25 (or there abouts)
  • Be passionate about championing a festival for young people ​

How to Apply

For more information about this opportunity and how to apply please read the attached document below.
If you have any questions, please email: molly@b-side.org.uk