b-side Festival announces extraordinary programme led by resident and international artists

Isle of Portland, Dorset Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th September 2021 

Energising the cultural scene in Dorset, b-side Festival presents work from South West based creatives alongside new and established artists from across the UK and beyond.

This year, b-side Festival has commissioned 14 new, unique artworks exploring the concept: ‘Common Lands’. The artworks on display will address pertinent issues concerning peoples’ right to public land, the power of community, and shared ownership of space through sensitive and often unexpected artistic methods. Aiming to ignite thought-provoking discussions, this four-day festival will feature showstopping light projections, audio installations, guided tours, sculpture, film, and immersive workshops. 

Download the full press release below

"Come and journey across the Isle of Portland, with the b-side festival - its artists and artworks as your guide. The themes within these new commissions and the island itself become a microcosm to ponder, discuss, and debate our world's pressing concerns - and opportunities - of climate change, community, human care and compassion, and the commons."

Rocca Holly-Nambi , Director b-side

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