LGBT History Month 2017

It’s LGBT History month and we’ve got a couple of things to share with you!


We are celebrating LGBT History month by releasing some very special live recordings of Shame Chorus from b-side festival 2016.
Each Monday (in February) we will be releasing a new track! So keep your eyes and ears peeled! Shame Chorus is an uplifting music project created by international visual and performance artist Jordan McKenzie, working in collaboration with London based writer Andy White, psychoanalyst Susie Orbach and the London Gay Men’s Chorus. b-side hosted the world premiere of the chorus on the beautiful West Weares last September. It was a very special event and we were so glad to host it on the Isle of Portland.

Click here to find out more and listen to the soundtracks!


We have started to work on our new project working with members of Space Youth Project in Weymouth and we’re rather excited with what’s to come. Following on from Shame Chorus, we wanted our local LGBT community to have a voice and to tackle the problems and issues, that arised when the London Gay Men’s Chorus were growing up, head on! So we decided to work with our local, young LGBT community to firstly create a song & then to create a video to go alongside it. This film will then be toured to local schools and groups to open up discussions around sexuality and being young.

Rosina Buck & Brontë Shande of Circe’s Diner:

We are in phase one (the song making phase) of the process and we are working with two rather talented songwriters!
They are Rosina Buck & Brontë Shande of Circe’s Diner. They have a lot of experience with writing songs, including their own, and half of this duo helped to write the song to Intergrate’s most recent video – click here to see.

If you’d like anymore information / to get involved with the project, please email:

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Thanks for reading!

The b-side team.