Window Shopping: Katarina Rose

23rd March3rd May 2018
77 Fortuneswell
Isle of Portland
Katarina Rose creates imaginary worlds, triggered by human traces seen within the natural and urban environment. She combines found objects, old photographs, text, taxidermy and collage with her own sculpted and painted forms. She often invents characters and writes short stories to accompany the works. Katarina Rose is inspired by everything around her all the time, and likes to stitch together links between seemingly random ideas to form her own symbolic visual language. Many of her works are contained within objects such as boxes, suitcases, biscuit tins and radios, though she now also works with internal and external spaces on a much larger scale. 
In 2016 Katarina was awarded an Arts Council England grant to support the development of her practice from gallery based to more outdoor and public contexts. b-side supported Katarina with mentoring and an opportunity to explore site specific working and she made multiple works in response to Portland for the 2016 festival.

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