Farhad Berahman

Who Are We at Tate Exchange

22nd27th May 2018
Tate Modern

The Who Are We? project is a fantastic opportunity for b-side to share one of the commissions for this years festival with a wider network of partners and audiences and to invite those from other parts of the country to participate in making their own connections between notions of identity, place and home through the work of Farhad Berahman and his Kamra-e-faoree.


It’s a great pleasure for b-side to work with photographer and artist Farhad Berahman for a second time. Farhad’s work is both subtle and intimate. He uses hand made objects and in this case the kamra-e-faoree, to not only create beautiful, crafted images, but to draw audiences and participants into gentle conversation around their own notions of identity, memory and home and to broach thoughts and concerns around displacement and migration. On Portland, the rugged ecology, industrial and military heritage often determine many people’s choice to move to or remain on the island. It is not difficult to find people for whom the island is inextricably linked to their sense of themselves, whether they are from a lineage of Portlanders or newcomers who have come to the island to seek a new life or refuge. So through this project we are asking: How does place shape our identity?

What happens when we are forced to leave our home and how do we rebuild our sense of belonging? What do you take with you and what do you leave behind? Through Farhad’s commission b-side seeks to illustrate an island through its population whilst opening up conversations around identity, place and displacement. Extending the project by visiting communities participating in Who Are We?, we will build a small collection of portraits that begin to tell a story about our relationship to the places we live.

For all programme information: www.whoareweproject.com

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