The Shambles

Utterly unique, idiosyncratic and mesmerising THE SHAMBLES, a semi-animatronic theatre show made for Portland's own jewel of a theatre - part living sculpture, part demonstration evoking a fragile island, inspired by the hollows and activity inside Portland’s rock, the steepness and the crumbling of its cliffs and the things hidden under the water surrounding it. The project takes its name from the Shambles Bank, an invisible underwater sandbank formed by the complex and dangerous sea currents off Portland Bill, known as The Race. 

At the edge of the land facing the unknown, both the rocks and the facts feel fragile, vulnerable to distortions or collapse. Spooner takes us on a journey to deeper and darker water travelling to a unique, strange and powerful place - an enthralling experience laced with dark humour. 

 “This idea of an automated theatre, which engages all the senses, is of enduring inspiration to me.”


10th September, 3:00pm
11th September, 7:00pm
12th September, 11:00am
13th September, 11:00am
17th September, 5:00pm
18th September, 2:00pm

Royal Manor Theatre

138A Fortuneswell

Tickets: £3.50, click here