Alistair Gentry

The Portland Office for Imaginary History

77 Fortuneswell

Located at Outpost, b-side’s new project space, The Portland Office for Imaginary History is Alistair’s response to an open call from b-side to imagine an alternative Tourist Information Centre for the island of Portland. Real and imagined historical and environmental information intertwine, sites of interest, excursions and souvenirs related to things that never happened on Portland… but could have done. You won't see Portland in the same way ever again!

"Occasionally on Portland you’ll see KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD stickers, adopted from its namesake in Oregon. Portland is definitely weird in places, and it’s clear from spending quite a lot of time there over the past few years that Portlanders like it that way. The Portland Office for Imaginary History is a way of adding some more weirdness and magic to what’s already there.."

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