The Portland Lookalike Agency

The Portland Lookalike Agency Premiere

Saturday 8th September 2018
Royal Manor Theatre
138A Fortuneswell
Isle of Portland

You are cordially invited to The Portland Lookalike Agency's grand premiere! 
Expect red carpets, live music and a special introduction from the directors.
We look forward to seeing you there. Wear your best bib and tucker.  


The Portland Lookalike Agency is a fictitious organisation that can provide celebrity lookalikes drawn from the real residents of Portland. Over the years the island has weathered a steady economic decline and celebrity status can be perceived as a short cut to prosperity.  Presented as a film, this ’love story to Portland’ explores the juxtaposition of hope and realisation with a gentle hair ruffling fondness, wit and a healthy dose of black humour.

"Over the last thirty years, Portland has weathered a steady economic decline, very low wages and diminishing abilities to socially climb. Celebrity status can be perceived as a short cut to prosperity.  This idea that ‘hope springs eternal’ is deep rooted in many people, this jagged juxtaposition between hope and realisation is what the film hopes to explore. Essentially the fictitious lookalike agency located on Portland, is a kind of vehicle for us to express our annoyance with micro situations and bigger ones”

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