The Most Extreme Form of Knowledge: Scene A

Join us outside the famous Cove Inn Pub with the breath-taking backdrop of Chesil Beach for a surreal and magical performing sculpture event.

Witness magnetic forces propel and manipulate strange and absurd creatures in a spell binding puppet show like no other.

“Tim Spooner is unclassifiable. Meticulous in the assembly and construction of his objects, disconcerting in the implementation of his performances, he belongs to those artists freed from any preconceived ideas and expectations. He appears to only follow the logical flow of the material as it transforms, he offers us a unique, strange and powerful universe.”

- Renaud Herbin, Director TJP, Strasbourg

6th September, 9:00pm
6th September, 10:15pm
13th September, 2:30pm
13th September, 7:30pm

Outside The Cove Inn Pub

91 Chiswell