Shahre Farang

Shahre Farang

17th22nd June 2017
77 Fortuneswell

“If you could never return home, what would you do and where would you go if you were granted just one minute to be there?”

For Refugee Week 2017 Iranian photographer and artist Farhad Berahman will be re-creating a 19th century travelling peep box ‘Shahre Farang’ for UK audiences.

‘Shahre Farang’ explores the memories of 20 Iranian asylum seekers who have not returned home for several years and are trying to build new memories in their adopted home. By asking intimate questions related to ‘home’ Berahman gets a deeper insight into their situation as they shed an old identity and assimilate a foreign one. Working with talented photographers in Iran to re-create these memories, nostalgic images are created and exhibited through the sculpture, the Shahre Farang.

If you can’t make it to Portland to see Farhad Berahman’s work ‘Shahre Farang’, then please come and see his work as it tours Dorset :

Saturday 24 June: Poole Museum

Wednesday 28 June: Dorchester Market

Saturday 01 July: Bridport Market


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